In this book the reader will be introduced to the idea that the increase of knowledge is the whole purpose of our existence, since knowledge is the antimatter itself. But, why is it so important to increase knowledge, therefore the antimatter energy? You will soon find out the truth by reading this book. 

Ardiana Bani is a life coach, college professor, author and public speaker. Holding a Master of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor Degree in Mathematics gave Ms. Bani the advantage of using critical thinking and making fast connections between the obvious and not so obvious facts, resulting in the creation of antimatter's hypothesis, laid out in this book.

The Truth

            Twelve Laws that Define a Human

Could soul really exist? If so, what is made of and how it operates? The Twelve Laws that Define You entertain the idea that human consciousness is nothing more than the interaction between a special magnetic field, known by many as human soul, and particles of matter in the physical human body. This magnetic field and its effect on our human body is the core of our human behavior as it follows these twelve spiritual laws that surprisingly (or maybe not) mirror the natural laws that govern our physical reality. The recognition of these twelve laws will help anyone to achieve and hold a balance between fear and euphoria, between big dreams and illusions, between what one can be done to improve life and what needs to let go. Reading about the twelve laws will make the reader aware that no matter how different and unique we are, no matter how each one of us comprehend the knowledge, despite the culture and traditions we grew up with, despite all the experiences, good or bad, that we go through in life, we all are affected by these twelve laws, and no one can stop these laws from applying. In fact, no one can cause the laws to apply, or escape their effect, just like no one can cause gravity or escape gravity, but based on how we react to the effects of these laws will define of who we are or will become, a successful case or failure and anything in between. The only way to protect ourselves is to become aware of these laws and how they affect us.

In a series of books Ardiana Bani integrates her Theory of Antimatter in explaining 

the Physical and Metaphysical  Reality, Human Soul, Consciousness, Unconsciousness, Free Will and Destiny

Live the Life You Dream

Live the Life You Dream is a simplified guide to feeling content with life and your life choices, as you follow a four step formula. The author of this book, a psychology professor and a public speaker, emphasizes the fact that we are all unique in regards to our talents inherited from our parents’ DNA, our skills that we learn through our own specific life experiences, particular strengths and virtues that we all possess at different amounts, and our unequivocal dreams that make us uniquely passionate to follow a specific path in life. A combination of all these factors creates an undeniable force that pushes every single one of us in the direction of what we often call destiny. Therefore, if one would be able to decode all these special gifts within, life and destiny are no longer mysteries to us.

  Secret Beyond the Secret

​       The Synchronicity of Destiny and the Law of Attraction

It is as a result of misconceptions of what we call Destiny and Free Will to create our own destiny that prevent us from living a successful and fulfilling life. In this book the reader will learn to overcome these obstacles in four simple steps by making use of two seemingly contradicting laws of Destiny and Attraction.
Secret Beyond the Secret gives you all the necessary tools to face your fears and clear the unnecessary and not so useful automatic thoughts that may be hidden in your unconsciousness and that may be preventing you from reaching your full potential, success, and happiness.

The reason this book is titled Secret Beyond the Secret is that it explains that even though the Law of Attraction is true, the way it has been introduced and misinterpreted in the book The Secret may have, unintentionally, ruined your chances for reaching your goals, dreams and success.
And finally, different techniques of self-talk and mindfulness that Secret Beyond the Secret introduces will help you sharpen your intuition and believe in the right choices in life. Furthermore you will learn ways to recognize the precise moment when to take action to make your dreams come true.