Why is my advice  unique 

My advice is offered through the knowledge I share in my books, public speaking, workshops, seminars, articles on the web, my blog, and radio interviews. I offer the solution to the common dilemma that we all face everyday, whether to do nothing and just wait for God to come to our rescue or should we take our fate in our own hands and make our own fate. I explain it in my workshops in simple but scientific terms why both these extremes are deceiving and dangerous. I also explain the four step procedure that keeps the balance between the two. 

Through my books and other services you will learn to value your own opinion instead of following the crowd. You will learn that people who push you to be someone you are not, in fact, are damaging you, not helping you. You will become aware of media deceptions and all other coaches and authors who promise you too much, for the sake of making business. You will learn to be yourself and be free of useless judgement. Only when you learn to love your true self, accept yourself with all your flaws and talents, only when you realize that your flaws are in fact blessings in disguise, only then will you be a truly free individual. Only then will you be ready to embark the journey towards your absolute success, no matter how much others may doubt your abilities and no matter how hard or long this journey may seem. 

The Truth About the Law of Attraction and Destiny 

What am I offering 

         Many people wrongly believe that remaining positive at all time, at any cost, and by faking happiness will make their most wanted wishes come true. They wrongly believe that wishing harder is the way the Law of Attraction works. While others may believe in destiny so blindly that they are almost defenseless and make no efforts on improving their lives. Instead they wait for miracles. Both these two extreme approaches to reaching success and happiness in life are wrong. So why is that? 

​            The truth is that the Law of Attraction does not work against your Destiny,  but first you must know that Destiny is never a bad thing. And if you are still looking for answers from God then you should know that what you are looking for lies inside you, and clues to those answers or prayers are in fact in front of you. The mysterious veil that supposedly covers your eyes and prevents you from seeing those answers is in fact your attention, your awareness, it's your own consciousness. The good news is, that with a four step introduced in Secret Beyond the Secret  you can become aware of all that is inside you and outside of you.  With the four step formula you can see when to take actions and what to do in order to make your dreams come true. And by the way, all your wishes even the most crazies ones that you crave so much to fulfill they come to you because of your destiny. Therefore, while you fulfill your wishes you are fulfilling your destiny.  

1-  First of all, my advice is based on scientific explanations, is based on the contemporary psychology of human behaviour, and scientific laws of electromagnetism. Most importantly, I don't forget to bring to the table lots of experience from coaching clients and from my own endeavours. As Bohr, one of the greatest minds in science once said, "What makes someone an expert are all the possible mistakes in that field." 

2-  My books will guide you to see the reality as it is, not as you wish to be. Unfortunately many books and websites promise you the impossible. You probably know by now that if some advice sounds too good to be true, then it is. So, don't set yourself up for more illusions and more disappointments. I offer advice that makes it easy to see the truth and accept it. Only by accepting the truth, wrong doings and mistakes you can change your situation for the better in your life.

​3- Most importantly the knowledge you will gain through my books will help to awakening your consciousness and deliberate yourself from past mistakes or guilt, not by making excuses for your errors but by learning the true lessons. 

4. The Law of Attraction you've heard about or learned from "The Secret" is in fact incomplete, confusing, and deceiving. I have discovered and explained the four correct steps of this law in my book Secret Beyond  the Secret.

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