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Ardiana Bani Cohn is a college teacher specializing in mathematics, science and psychology, a metaphysical life coach, a speaker and an author. She enjoys a variety of interests including philosophy, psychology, spirituality, astrology and astronomy. 

Ardiana sees life as a roller coaster; at times is fun and other times it is scary. However, only by accepting it you can enjoy the ride. She wrote two books in the field of spirituality. Her books are a bit different and controversial from the rest of the spiritual books in the market.

In her book "Secret Beyond the Secret" author Ardiana Bani Cohn introduces a new and original outlook on
 destiny and the Law of Attraction, creating this way, for the first time, a common ground for those people who believe in God and destiny and others who believe that they can make their own reality come true.

In her  other book "Twelve Laws that Define You" Ardiana is using a theoretical way of laying out the logical and scientific facts that can conclude only one thing: The existence of an Intelligent Mind. 

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Is destiny that dictates life or is life a consequence

of our choices and free will?

What if life is a combination of both?

How can we recognize the right choices?

What if the clues that can guide us

into making the right decision are hidden in our DNA? 

I have to admit that life is busy, and in reality no one has time for philosophical questions. No one will sit around thinking, "Gee, is life predetermined by destiny or is life a consequence of my choices?" YET, at the end of the day, we all wonder, and we wished we've known the truth so we would plan accordingly. If we have the answer to this question, we can adapt our decisions to minimize the pain, and avoid waste of time and frustration. If we knew when to let go and when to strive for success we can spare ourselves from false hopes and waste of energy. I believe I have found the answer to this question and here is the good news: When we learn to pray the right way we will then be able to recognize the clues that would guide us to make the right decisions at the right time.  

After discovering the patterns of events in my life, and general patterns in our human behaviour  I was able to recognize the 12 Laws that define our existence. Knowing about these laws can help us predict the end results of our actions.  I would like to invite you to discover these 12 laws that subconsciously and in a sneaky way direct our lives. 


Twelve Laws that Define You  

"It is a man’s own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways"     Buddha

Indeed, there are twelve laws that we all follow subconsciously. Once we will become aware of these laws life and the way we see obstacles will change forever. Only by understanding these 12 laws will we begin to see that problems in life occur for a reason, and the solutions to these problems are in our hands.

What are these laws? Find out in the book Twelve Laws that Define You

Secret Beyond the Secret

Secret Beyond the Secret is packed with valuable tips on how to apply the Law of Attraction correctly. In fact, this book is a common ground for those who believe that destiny is created by God and those who believe that they can create their own destiny.

In four steps, you can learn how to release your inner self from the guilt of past mistakes and finally expose your true desires which are part of your destiny. You will learn to wish or pray the right way using the right formula so your wishes will come true and your prayers will be answered. You will learn to put your worries away and allow the Law of Attraction to manifest the right events and the exact solutions to your problems in accordance to your destiny. And finally, you will learn to recognize the precise moment when to take action in order to make your dreams come true. When you learn to apply this four step formula Think-Pray-Dream-Dare, your life will be filled with magic. 

In Search of Antimatter

What is Reality? Why do we have thoughts? How is matter created? Questions and more questions unfold in front of us each day.  In this book, the reader will be given the opportunity to view reality from a different perspective, the view that accepts not only coexistence of both worlds, physical and spiritual world, but also the fact that these two worlds can transform and affect one another. Find out more amazing facts in the book In Search of Antimatter.

What is different about my books?

First of all, I offer honest advice based on contemporary psychology of human behaviour, scientific laws of electromagnetism that we all follow without being aware of, and lots of experience from my own mistakes. As Bohr, one of the greatest minds in science once said, "What makes someone an expert, are all the possible mistakes in that field." 

Secondly,  my books will guide you to see the reality as it is, not as you wish it to be. Lying to yourself sets you up for big delusions and even hurt sometimes. Only by accepting the truth, you can change the situation for better in your future. Through my books you will learn to deliberate yourself from the fear of others' opinions as well as the fear of accepting yourself.

Thirdly and most important, you will learn to forgive yourself for your past mistakes, and to free yourself from the guilt, not by making excuses for your errors but by learning the true lessons. 

Last but not least, you will learn through my books that what society trumpets as the right thing to do sometimes is plain wrong. You will learn to value your own opinion instead of following the crowd. You will learn that people who push you to be someone you are not, in fact, are damaging you not helping you. Only when you learn to love your true self, accept yourself with all your flaws and talents, only when you realize that your flaws are in fact blessings in disguise, only then you will be a truly free person. At those moments you are ready to embark the journey toward your absolute success, no matter how much others may doubt on your abilities and no matter how hard or long it may seem

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