The Truth About Consciousness and Reality


Many ideas and theories that seem to conflict one another are in fact different sides of the same coin. Some, may have found this common ground where contradictions no longer exist, where different perspectives are understood and accepted. For the rest, this awareness will be achieved when we all become conscious of the 12 laws that define our physical and metaphysical reality. 

Through Metaphysical Life Coaching, workshops and seminars, Ardiana Bani aims to raise awareness to individuals, groups and organisations that definitions of right and wrong are only temporary concepts when they depend on different points of view and perspectives. The reality that we perceive and then evaluate based on our individual experiences goes beyond the obvious, and it is in fact this metaphysical reality that affects us the most. In her mission to help bringing awareness of this metaphysical reality, life coach and college instructor Ardiana Bani has discovered the 12 natural laws of nature that unconditionally affect our physical and metaphysical realities. Based on this discovery, Ardiana offers advice on how to avoid falling victims of these 12 laws and to prevent therefore causing any further damage to ourselves and others.   

​During individual life coaching sessions, group coaching, seminars or workshops Ardiana will help you to discover your true individuality which is the first step toward reaching your full potential for success. You will learn how to judge success from a new point of view and feel comfortable in your own skin, appreciating who you are while still aiming for the mastery in order to reach that common ground of awareness. You will also become aware that businesses which offer advice to help you become a success by pushing you to follow certain models and standards, to become someone else, someone that you are not, are in fact damaging you; they are not helping you.

​Through Ardiana’s metaphysical life coaching you will learn to be prominent and to be yourself because the successful person is not the one in the crowd, but is the one that stands out. You will learn to free yourself of useless judgement. Only when you learn to love your true self, to accept yourself with your flaws and talents because you will realize that your flaws are in fact blessings in disguise, only then will you be a truly free individual. Only then will you be ready to embark the journey towards your absolute success by reaching the common consciousness where conflict exist no more.

What makes  Ardiana's advice different from the rest of life coaches

1- First of all, Ardiana’s life coaching advice is based on scientific explanations, based on the contemporary psychological and philosophical theories of human behaviour, and scientific laws of electromagnetism. 

2- Ardiana's books and life coaching advice will guide you to see the reality as it is, not as you wish to be. Unfortunately many books and websites promise you the impossible, too good to be true. Therefore, to prevent setting yourself up for further illusions and disappointments, Ardiana offers advice that makes it easy to see the truth and accept it. Only by accepting the truth, by accepting wrong doings and facing your mistakes, you will change your situations for the better.

​ 3- Most importantly Ardiana’s metaphysical life coaching will help you awaken your unconsciousness in order to deliberate yourself from past mistakes and the guilt that is hidden deep down in you. Instead of making excuses for your past errors you will learn to draw your true lessons. 

Start making your own dreams a reality by choosing the right path, the path to your destiny, because by fulfilling your true wishes you also fulfill your destiny.  

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