It's not what you say, but how you say it.
Using Emotional Intelligence
to Improve the Quality of Your Life


LifeCoaching and Public Speaking

Ardiana continuously updates her knowledge with the latest research in the fields of Psychology and constantly upgrades her qualifications through formal training from well-known institutions. She obtained her Life Coaching certification after the completion of a two year program with International Coach Academy (ICA) in November 2007. She has been running her Life Coaching Business since then, with a passion to help her clients in finding a balance between reason and emotions which is the key to living a fulfilling life. In December 2012 Ardiana successfully completed two courses at Oxford University on Metaphysics and Philosophy of Science, and has been a member of Oxford Philosophical Society since then. Not just her training and qualifications provided by a project at Faculty of Law, University of Windsor on Difficult  Conversation and Conflict Resolution, but also her own struggles in life have served Ardiana to enrich her life experience by making her an expert in the field.

 Ardiana Bani is a member of many reputable Organization as follows:
- Oxford Philosophical Society
- International Positive Psychology Association
- Canadian Positive Psychology Association
​- American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy
- Ontario Association of Marriage and Family Therapy
- Certified Guidance Counselor in good standing with OCT since March 2007

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Ardiana Bani is a life coach, college professor,  and an author. Ardiana holds a Master of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor in Mathematics, which gives her the advantage of using critical thinking and making fast connections between obvious and non-obvious factors to help her clients to identify and achieve their life goals. 

Ardiana Bani offers her service to help others increase self-awareness through two very powerful techniques Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence. By combining these two methods effectively with other Positive Psychology methods, Ardiana Bani guides her clients in the path of self-discovery to recognize their true self in order to unlock their full potential for success by strategically using their unique talents and strengths. Furthermore, her special Metaphysical approach to conflict resolutions and problem solving can help awakening one's unconsciousness to deliberate oneself from past mistakes and guilt that are often hidden deeply within us.